Can good Photography Make a viewer Hungry ???

Can good Photography Make a viewer Hungry ???



Yes It can. It can make you hungry …. it could convince you to stop by and order for a meal… it could stick to your memory… help brand re-call for the advertiser.

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What is this food photography

Food photography in itself is a special discipline in photography, you have specialist photographers who specialize in food photography. They take help of food stylists ( It’s a again a separate career) in designing the frame. An ambience is created which is both aesthetical and which is in sync with type of dish using appropriate props .

Most of the times photographers along with their complete gear set up a table top at the kitchen itself so that they could shoot the food right out from the stove or the oven steamily hot, to capture that texture which would last only for few minutes.

There are whole lot of techniques that photographers use to get those magic images.