About us

Who we are

‘Branding by Pixels’ is essentially a Visual design firm, one that is passionate about adding strength through design to everything from business brands to online banners. The name explains it all. We are talking about how effective Branding can be possible by intelligent use of Visual design elements; the look, the visual, the layout, the photograph, the video…every pixel that hits your eye is communicating with your brain to create ‘impact’.  This impact is what we want to bring to the branding exercise.

 What we do

We are into any-purpose design, ad films and photography services. Long story short, we are into the business of making visually magical stuff.  Anything you want to be done from a simple image for the print media to precision images for online purposes.

Design at Brandingby Pixels is powered by a passionate team of photographers, graphic designers and film makers with a collective experience of handling multiple commercial projects for more than half a decade.

Simply stated, we are a one-stop-shop for all your design based needs in Branding and Communication across multiple media such as Print, Digital and Online Media.

Our work ethos dictates that we partner with your company right from conceptualization through implementation. The result? Visual design for your brand which is congruent with the overall Branding strategy!



Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography