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Instagram for PC

Most people think that since Instagram is an app based social media platform you can only create an Instagram account using a smartphone but most of them are ignorant of the fact that a profile can be created on Instagram using a PC or a computer too.

This is a step by step guide to show you how easy it is to create an Instagram account on PC.

1. Open a browser & type A page opens up which looks like the below:

2. You have 2 options: 1. Login with Facebook & 2. Sign up.

instagram login

3. Using the option “Login with Facebook” you can directly use your Facebook credentials to create an Instagram account.

4. When you click on the option “Login with Facebook” a separate page opens up which will redirect you to Facebook Login page.

facebook login page

NOTE: This will integrate with your personal Facebook account & not with your Facebook Business page so if you are creating an Instagram profile to use for your business & not as a personal profile then you should not use this option to create an Instagram account.

5. You can use the option “Sign up” to create an Instagram account with your email id & password. The mandatory fields that you need to fill up to “Sign up” are:

instagram signup

Easy is it not to create an Instagram Profile from a PC. Now that you are all set with the account let us look at some of the important details that you need to update your profile to make it complete.

1. Profile Photo:

First and foremost the important thing about your Profile is your profile pic, so choose something which is relevant to your business and defines it.

It could be your logo or company name if you don’t have a logo.

Remember, Instagram profile picture has a “Circular” format so make sure there is some negative space in your logo as Instagram will try to crop it in that Circular frame.

instagram profile page

2. Instagram Bio:

Make sure your bio is concise which reveals what you do point on. Don’t beat around the bush as you only have 150 characters to work with.

You have a separate column to put your website URL in so don’t try to include your website too in your bio and waste a few characters.

For Example, my bio shows this on Instagram:

visual content company

In 2 sentences I am talking about:

  1. Our company’s services – Visual Content and Digital Marketing
  2. Target Audience – Small and Medium Businesses.

So, be smart about using the characters to talk about your services.

3. Edit Profile:

You are all set with your profile pic and bio filled up but you would like to make some changes, don’t worry “Editing your Profile” is very easy.

Just click on the “Edit Profile” right beside your profile picture and you can start on making those changes.

edit profile

4. Business Profile:

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram has launched its “Business version”. Using the business version business owners now have a range of business tools to use.

The tool allows users to identify themselves as a business, making it easy for their audience to contact them. Business profiles also provide more in-depth insights and make it easier for you to promote content.

NOTE: You can only convert to a “Business” Profile on Instagram if you have a “Facebook Business Page”.

business profile setting

To switch to a business profile, view your profile, and click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to view your settings.

switch to business profile

Scroll down and click on “Switch to Business Profile.”

Log in with Facebook, and allow Instagram to manage your Pages. Select a Facebook Page to connect to your Instagram profile. Note: You must be a Facebook page admin to connect the two platforms.

Instagram will automatically import relevant information from your Facebook page for you to edit.

login with facebook to instagram

Private Instagram Account

You can convert your Public Instagram Account into a Private one using a set.

This feature once turned on ensures that your profile is not shown to the public and only people who know your handle can find you. Also, they can only send you a request to become a friend and you have complete control whether to accept them or not.

switching to private account in instagram

But if you have a “Business Profile” then it makes sense for you to keep this feature turned off so you can enable more people to find your business easily and engage with your content.

Now that you have learnt “How to create an Instagram Account on PC & How to convert an Instagram Account into Private”, you can read more regarding what sort of posts you can post on Instagram in our blog:  What can I Post on Instagram

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