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5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is right for Small and Medium Business Enterprises

If you thought that Digital Marketing was more appropriate for a corporate company or a big brand as they have deep pockets and large followership already then you are mistaken. Digital Marketing is more relevant and apt for Small and Medium Business Enterprises as it gives us an opportunity to target specific audiences and localities.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. You are Local:

If you are a small and medium business then the chances are that you have presence in a few areas and that means “You are Local” in the true sense. Digital Marketing has emerged in the last few years to effectively target local audience who might be interested in your products/services.

You could use “Localization” by registering your business in google business so when somebody is searching for your product/service in their locality your business is shown in the google search.

You could also use Facebook marketing to reach people who stay around your location so your business is shown to them either to increase brand awareness or for walk-ins.

2. You Have a Niche:

Since small and medium businesses only have limited number of products/services you have already defined a niche and this help your leads to reach out to you when they are specifically searching for your product/service.

This also means that your leads would love to buy from you as they specifically know that you only deal with a fewer products and thus will have a wide variety of options of these products in your stores.

One way to make your business easy to find in this case is to optimize your website for keywords regarding your niche and location. Example: Gluten Free Breads in Secunderabad, Home Automation in Hyderabad etc.

3. You build Relationships:

People love to deal with small and medium businesses as these businesses tend to build relationships and not just focus on the deal at hand.

As a smaller business you usually have a smaller client base, therefore, have more time to get to know them and their different needs as a customer.

This gives you as a small and medium business enterprise the power to customize the experience and reach out to your customers friends or family too, this is a huge opportunity as on an average a person has 5 friends and each friend has 5 friends in turn so you can do the maths which will give you an opportunity to spread your brand across multiple platforms. Facebook is a great platform to spread the word out for a SME to reach your customer’s friends and family.

4. You don’t need tons of money:

As a small and medium business you don’t have lots of money to be invested in marketing and that is why most of them don’t experiment with marketing, they only use traditional methods like: 1. Pamphlets creation, 2. Inserting pamphlets in local newspapers, 3. Local news ads but these have become redundant in these present times.

What they fail to understand is that to kick start a digital marketing campaign you don’t need a ton of money. A simple campaign with more reach and optimization is going to cost you less than what it would cost you for a pamphlet print and the best part is you can always increase or decrease your budget according to how many audiences you want to reach. Example: if there is a festival coming up then you can increase your marketing spend to reach more people to visit your store.

5. Change Marketing Strategy Quickly:

As a small and medium business you are agile you can adapt to change quickly and so you can change your marketing strategy as you deem fit depending on your vision for your brand.

You could start by optimizing your website and keywords with location specific ones if your vision is to reach local customers or you can optimize your website for potential customers in other locations if you have opened a separate branch.

Also with digital marketing you can change your marketing strategy quickly and immediately without effecting your brand value.

If you are a Small and Medium Business and you would like to explore how Digital Marketing can help market your brand then reach out to us at and we can set up a Customized Marketing Strategy call to build one for your brand.


Sirisha Varma,
Co-Founder, Head – Marketing

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