Most of us would think of the cool drink and its taste after looking at this image, it is because our brain processes images at a higher speed than other media like audio. And nowadays, we are too busy to even read through a few lines, we like to look at the images and skip if we think the imagery is not appealing.

That is why Visual content has become very important in the marketing strategy of all Corporate companies. I, myself have started paying more attention to the Flipkart brand after the “Every Wish fulfilled” advertisement on you tube. Have you noticed that the whole advertisement is made up of only static images not the actual video but still the amazing story narration makes it meaningful and the brand more visible.

Finally, as humans our decision making is dependent on the following factors, “What we see”, “What we smell”, “What we hear” and “How does the touch feel so?” Honestly, would you step into a Shopping Mall or a Restaurant if they sported disgusting images? So, what are you waiting for, if Imagery is so important should you not want to go ahead and get some cool imagery for your Marketing and Branding initiatives?

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