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1.What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a method to market your brand on the internet using methods like: Website, SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

2. I run a brick and mortar brand do I really need digital marketing?

It’s a misconception that brick and mortar companies or brands don’t need digital marketing. Business is all about being where your customers are and given that 4.1 billion users around the world are on the net it would be a huge disadvantage for your brand if you don’t market to this space.


3. What are the services that you provide in the digital marketing space?

We provide a whole gamut of services including:

⦁ Brand Identity design

⦁ Website design and build

⦁ Website Audit for an existing website (if you already have one)

⦁ Competitor Analysis (Analysis on your competitor websites)

⦁ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

⦁ Keywords Analysis and Link Building

⦁ Search Engine Marketing

⦁ Social Media Management

⦁ Social Media Marketing

⦁ Content Creation (Blogs, Posters etc.) to be used on Social Media

⦁ Google Analytics and other tracking tools

⦁ Retargeting to people who have engaged with your brand or advertise

4. I get confused about all the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn how am I supposed to maintain my brand across all these platforms?

We completely understand the confusion around all the social media platforms but you don’t need to maintain accounts for your brand across all social media platforms. You need to know which platform has your ideal customers and then maintain your brand account there.  Call us on 9515110449 for a free social media platform consultation.

5. What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization and it is a process using which your website is made to be displayed amongst the 1st or 2nd page of the google search when somebody searches for your product/services on google.

SEO process consists of holistic strategy which needs to be followed including:

⦁ Keywords.

⦁ Title tags.

⦁ Meta tags.

⦁ Description tags.

⦁ Content.

⦁ Localization etc.

6. I am a small business I don’t think I need a website?

The best part of internet is that anybody across the world can search for products and services. Even in your own country there are many people who are searching for your products/services. Just like you are known in the offline world using your name your business is known in the online world using your website’s name.

Getting a website done using a company which is apt takes hardly 1 – 3 months and it is not that costly given that nowadays there are preset templates available in the market. So would you rather be nameless in the online world than create a website?

7. How is your website development process different from the others in the market?

Our website design process is very different in that we don’t use custom code like html to create your website. We use preset templates which are optimized for your particular industry and are also mobile compatible. Given that 90% of google searches nowadays happen on a mobile device be it mobile phone or tablet it is very important that your website looks good on a mobile device too rather than just a desktop.

Also the traditional website creators in the market may charge less than us but they use custom code which will become redundant as google keeps updating their algorithms, so even if you get your website up it will be impossible to get it on to the 1st or 2nd page of google search.

8. What about the website content? I don’t have time to pen down the content.

If you hire us to build your website and if you don’t have time to come up with the content, we will do the research and send you the content that we think might be appropriate for your website. What we ask is timely review of this content from your side as you would know better about your product/service than us.

9. What services do you offer in the social media space?

Firstly, depending on your product/service we will suggest which social media platforms are right to find your ideal customers. Then we will suggest what sort of content should be posted on the chosen platform.

We offer the following services:

  • Strategy specific for your brand for various social media platforms to create awareness, engage and ultimately generate revenues for your brand.
  • Create your brand account in the requisite social media platform.
  • Create content dependent on the platform that is right for your brand.
  • Maintain your social media presence by creating an editorial calendar and post the content accordingly if you or your associates create the content by yourself.
  • Target and promote your brand to the ideal potential customers present on the social media platform.
  • Run campaigns of your brand to your target audience in various social media platforms.
  • Analytics regarding how the campaigns are working.

10. Any examples of your services that you have provided for previous clients?

We have had the pleasure of working closely with clients from domains like Fashion, Lifestyle, Restaurant, and Coaching Academy. We are proudly associated with some of the leading fashion designers in Hyderabad.

As part of our services for these clients we have provided various services like:

  • Brand identity design.
  • Photography of their products.
  • Videos of their products/product making.
  • Social Media presence.
  • Social Media Engagement using organic traffic.
  • Running paid campaigns in social media.

11. How is your process different from other agencies?

At Branding by Pixels, we believe that marketing needs to be an overall strategy and is not just about a few services. We create a long term vision for your brand and then plan the services that are needed to get your brand from the starting point to becoming a leader in the market at different stages.

This might also mean that sometimes when you come to us we might not be a right fit for your needs, we never shy away from telling our customers the truth even if it means we lose them because we believe that honesty will make our bond stronger with our clients and they will come back to us once they realize it.

We also don’t use any back door techniques to get your brand to rank better in google as it will impact the brand in a negative way in the long run.

Given that we have visual content team in house we build original content of your brand which will immediately provide authenticity and visual appeal in your target customers. In that way we are a one stop shop for all your marketing needs be it visual content or digital marketing.

We also undertake personal branding assignments be it creating your portfolio or managing your social identity.


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