WE ARE Branding by Pixels

We are experts in solving all your visual communication needs
like Photography/Film making and Motion Graphics.


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.


Businesses who market with infographics
grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t

We are a One Stop Shop Digital Marketing & Visual Content Agency, first of its kind in Hyderabad

We Are

We are a team of smart Digital Marketers,passionate Marketers and we have an in-house Expert Team of Photographers and Videographers. We are the FIRST Digital Marketing Agency in India which has an in-house Visual Content team which gives us the advantage to create “Original” content for our Clients to be used in their marketing endeavors.


For Digital Marketing, we meet with you, start by understanding your “Business Objectives”, “Map your Target Audience”, “Create a Digital Strategy”, “Confirm the right platforms that we need to use to get the message out there to reach your target audience”. For Visual Content,we start with a creative brief to understand “why you need a Video”, “Who are your Audience”, “What length is Ideal”, “whats the delivery channel” and “what would be the Ideal Style of presentation”.


Based on the “Digital Strategy” that we have created for your brand we will further discuss if you would want us to also create Imagery for your brand . If you already have Imagery or Visuals we would use those to start with. We also have customized monthly packages to create Visual Content on a monthly basis for your brand to be used as marketing material on various platforms.

Production and PostProduct

Be it a budget production with a DSLR or a film crew with ARRI we can handle for you. And we have a in-house post production setup and a team with professional standard of edition and Motion graphics.

Marketing Integration

Marketing is a mix of both “Offline & Online”, when we talk about Digital Marketing, people generally get confused with the usage of the phrase “Digital” but we believe that a mix of both Offline and Online media is the best for making of an impactful brand.Efforts on Digital could involve “Targeting specific Key Words or Search Phrases” for an effective online presence and offline parameters like “Advertising in newspapers” or “Paper Inserts” could enhance the reach off an Online Campaign to the Offline world.

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