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Traditional Media versus Digital Media

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Discussed in today’s video:

Top 3 Issues faced by Small Business Owners:

1. Lead Generation

2. Reaching the Right Target Audience

3. Creating an Impactful Brand

5 Distinctions between Traditional Media versus Digital Media:

Traditional Media:

1. One Way

2. Static

3. Incorrect Target Audience

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4. No Track on ROI 

5. Costly

Digital Media:

1. One 2 Many Communication

2. Dynamic

3. Specific ads for Specific Target Audience

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4. Can track each action taken by audience

5. Budget Friendly

I am Sirisha Varma, Founder, Chief Strategist at Branding by Pixels a Business Strategy Design and Digital Marketing company from India.

I record videos thrice a week :

Tuesday – Marketing / Digital Marketing Topic

Thursday – Business Case Study

Saturday – Motivation/Personal Finance/Book Review etc.

Some of our success stories at our company include:

1. Ranking our preschool client consistently in the first page of google within 3 months without spending a single rupee on ads

2. Increasing the admission rates in a preschool from 20% to 70% by our SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategies

3. Achieve an ROI of 1600% for our E-commerce client.

4. Consistently ranking our clients in the first page of Google only with organic SEO

5. Increase page likes, shares & engagement by 500% for our restaurant client on Facebook.

6. Increasing revenues of our client selling on amazon by 3X times.

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My E-book on “17 Business Rules for Dummies” on – 

Happy Marketing!

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