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In Today’s Blog we will discuss about the Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2021.

Before we do that let us look at the Statistics of Pinterest as a Marketing Platform.

Some Stats regarding Pinterest as of 2021:
1. Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users

2. 85% of Pinners use the mobile app

3. Half of users live outside the U.S.

4. 240 billion Pins have been saved by users

5. 60% of Pinterest users are women
6. The number of users shopping on Pinterest grew 50% in the first half of 2020

If you are a Business Owner in the category of “Fashion Designing”, “Event Management”, “Food and Nutrition”, “Home Furnishings”, “Ecommerce” etc.

 you CAN NOT ignore Pinterest.

These are the Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips that we have used for our clients successfully to gain traction and sales through their Pinterest Profiles:

1. Brand Consistency:

Brand Consistency by Branding by Pixels

No matter what Social Media platform you embrace for your business it is important to maintain Brand Consistency across all of them using:

1. Same Logo

2. Same Brand Colors

3. Same Brand Language

to make it easier for your clients and prospects to immediately recognize your Brand.

This is also one of the classic mistakes we see most of our prospects make they change the Brand Colors to be more brighter or Brand Language to be more subtle/loud depending on the platform assuming that would get them more traction respecting the platform is important but it is not advised to completely change your Brand Behaviour on any Social Media platforms.

2. Post Regularly:

Post Regularly by Branding by Pixels

All of us are juggling multiple things in our lives, Managing a Business and Taking care of a Family is tough enough on top of that you add Posting regularly on multiple Social Media platforms now that is a bit much to ask.

But it is very important that you Post Regularly on Pinterest.

Brands/Companies which have maintained a Regular Post update have seen more traction than Accounts which fill their Boards and then Post once in a blue moon.

Make sure you have your content planned so you are not overwhelmed by what to post on any certain date.

Also try to maintain consistent timelines.

If Mondays are overwhelming don’t post on Mondays when you are free and then next week post on a Wednesday. Try to maintain posting on the same days as far as possible.

3. Post Multiple Times:

Post Multiple Times by Branding by Pixels

Most Social Media platforms including Pinterest try to push out the freshest content possible for their audience.

Since you may not have 100% information when your Audience will log on to Pinterest make sure your Content is spread out to be posted at multiple times through out a particular day of the week as planned above.

Try doing this at least for a new account until you are a few months into the Platform to maximise reach of your Content.

4. Optimize your Content

Optimize Content by Branding by Pixels

Social Media Platforms are an extension to your Website and act as Referral sources for your Website.

Pinterest also works on an Algorithm similar to Google which makes sure that the Content that is being showed to a Particular Audience is the Most Relevant one for them.

But how does Pinterest judge that?

You can help Pinterest by Optimizing your Content just like you would for Organic SEO purposes on your Website.

Use Keywords that best describe your products in words that People are actually searching for on the Internet when they are looking to buy products like yours, Use Alt tags to describe any Photos/Videos that you post on Pinterest, Use Descriptions and Clickable Website links or Tracking links taking the audience from Pinterest onto your Website.

Remember when writing Content on the Digital space you are not just writing for People you also need to write for Search Engines.

5. Invest in Ads:

Pinterest Ads by Branding by Pixels

The best way to Reach a Bigger Audience is to run Ads.

No matter what anybody has to say you as a Brand can never go wrong with Ads.

To start with you can choose Automatic Targeting offered by Pinterest which will make sure that your Content is shown to the most appropriate audience using its algorithm and from there once you have the data you can also run ads by selecting an audience yourself.

The Investment to Return ratio of running any ads in Pinterest is so High that you are missing out if you have not selected this option yet.

Start with smaller budgets and test test test…

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Happy Marketing!

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