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Paper Boat Drinks and its Instagram Marketing

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Let’s look at “How Paper Boat is using Instagram Marketing to Build user Engagement?”

Paper Boat Drinks

Paper Boat Drinks, is a brand that promises to bring our childhood memories back by bringing back authentic drinks like: “Thandai”, “Panakum”, “Kokum juice” etc. uses Instagram extensively to build a community to increase potential target customer engagement.


Their unique posts make sure that the users experience a certain nostalgia in line with its brand promise.

Their Creative Designs ensure that the users are kept captive and cannot resist to share or comment on the beautiful creatives.

paper boat facebook ads

After gaining a strong market hold and great user engagement Paper Boat Drinks has also slowly started diversifying into food products too like Peanut Chikki, Aam Papad, Sesame Chikki which are available on Amazon for sale.

paper boat chikki

They launched the new products again in line with their previous posts of making sure that the “Creatives were the King” thus maintaining consistency for the brand.

They also started with Gifting Boxes for Indian festivals like “Diwali” with different packs of Chikkis to ensure that your gifts are unique from the traditional sweets and chocolates that are so commonly chosen as gifting options.

paper boat offers

Paper Boat Drinks CEO

In his own words, Mr.Neeraj Kakkar Founder & CEO reiterates the importance of Instagram as a platform for their brand

“Instagram is a brilliant platform for people who love beauty, goodness and stunning creativity. It is not restrictive and allows for one to explore and be free-spirited. We thought we should let the world know more about us and discover our consumers. The platform has helped us reach out to so many consumers who love our product and gives us a chance to interact with them, which is wonderful,”

paper boat drinks reviews

For a consumer brand, as distribution plays a key role, Paper Boat also ensured that goodies were sent out to their Distributors, Sales staff & Office staff but the best part was these were handmade at Paper Boat HQ.

They also made sure that they announced this on Instagram which creates a sense of pride to be part of the team and also increases goodwill in customers.

paper boat company

Paper Boat was also one of the first companies to be given an opportunity to experiment with “Instagram Ads” by Instagram platform in 2015.

The Brand made sure that they followed their original idea of not just selling but capturing audiences attention by storytelling and used Videos as a medium to build “Brand Awareness” using Instagram Ads.

paper boat drinks flavors

So if yours is a B2C brand then follow what Paper Boat did for their Instagram Marketing.

1. Stick to a theme – Paper Boat stuck to storytelling using excellent creatives generated in-house. If you don’t have enough expertise in building creatives use original photos of your products but make sure you talk about your brand story.

2. Experiment with Video – Video is a big part of Instagram now. Instagram users dig videos so make sure you create a 1-minute video showcasing your product or explaining how to use it. Remember on Instagram a Video which is only 1 minute long can be used.

3. Showcase your Team – We understand you might have only 1 or 2 team members working with you but you can always do something special for the team and whenever you do it make sure to showcase it on Instagram. Making people special is not only good for the soul it’s also good for marketing.

4. Advertise on Instagram – Instagram ads are not very costly, you can start with Rs.600/- per day as an initial budget and run ads for Brand Awareness. This will help you reach a newer audience. Use the paid ads feature before it becomes too costly.

5. Post on Special Days – As Indians, we are blessed to be part of a culture with lots of festivals which allow us to celebrate. Make sure you use these occasions to post something creative. This helps increase engagement with your community.

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Have a great week ahead.

Happy Marketing,
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