FaceBook Marketing – Lays Brand Case Study

Today we will talk about another business that has used Facebook Marketing successfully to create awareness regarding their flavor palette. We all love sitting on the couch and munching on those potato chips while watching a cricket match or that thriller with friends. Chips are chips, if you are a snack company how would you market them to increase your revenues and market share?

Let’s Dig into the Lays Case Study.

Lay’s Story

Lay’s is a popular brand of potato chips, founded in 1932 in Dorset, Ohio. The brand manufactures a number of popular flavors and chip styles and was the first snack brand to purchase a television commercial.

Lays Branding Strategy

Lay’s Goal for Facebook Marketing

As covered in our blog regarding business objectives Facebook Business Page Objectives

Every business needs to map out their business goals to reach by using any kind of marketing. Similarly, for Lays, they had 2 business goals which they wanted to reach using Facebook marketing:

1. Drive In-store sales for the lays chips.

2. Build Brand Awareness and Encourage People to try out their new flavour palette.

Now that the business goals are defined let’s look at the solution.

Solution – Creating a Flavor Palette Try Out

Lay’s wanted to tap into people’s appetite for unique chip flavors, so it partnered with media agency OMD, content creator Deep Focus and Facebook Marketing Partner Adeptly. The team launched its Flavor Swap campaign on Facebook and Instagram in early 2016.

To encourage people to try new Lay’s flavors, the team developed a series of 4 sequenced video ads that pit a classic Lay’s flavor—such as Flaming’ Hot or Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper—against a new flavor, like Fiery Roasted Habanero or Olive Oil & Herbs.

The 5-second ads included ad copy that encouraged people to try both flavors, then vote for their favorite. Since millennials tend to enjoy taking part in light-hearted debates, the chip brand used Facebook’s general interest targeting to reach to people in the US aged 18–34 who are interested

Lays Potato Chips Flavors

Lays Business Marketing

in food and popular culture. The Lay’s team also used the reach and frequency tool to ensure that people viewed each of the 4 match-up video ads in sequence.


Lay’s Flavor Swap campaign was a great success, reaching millions of households and returning an extraordinary lift in sales and reach. The February–March 2016 campaign resulted in

1. 5% increase in reach with Facebook + Instagram (versus Facebook alone)

2. 3% lower cost per impression with Facebook + Instagram (versus Facebook alone)

3. 5% increase in sales lift with Facebook + Instagram (versus Facebook alone)

Lays case Study

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