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What is Instagram Marketing?

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. May your business grow multi-fold through multi-fold marketing efforts.

Let’s understand about Instagram Marketing this week and the next couple of weeks.

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Instagram is one of the social media platforms and is the newest kid on the block. Instagram app rapidly grew forcing Facebook to notice it and Facebook recently acquired the platform.

Instagram marketing

Its hard to believe that Instagram only started in 2010, in 7 years it has grown very strong with 700 Million Active users on its platform .
instagram users

with over 95 Million photos & videos shared every day

instagram shares

51% people log in to the platform daily and around 35% people login into the platform multiple times a day.

75% of the user base of Instagram live outside of US, providing a great marketing opportunity to businesses outside of US like YOURS.

instagram users percentage

The unique thing about Instagram is that it is app-based and it can be accessed to share photos & videos only through your mobile. This makes creating & sharing content easy & quick.

Instagram is apt for B2C businesses which can visually appeal to customers by creating interesting photos & videos.

The feature which has brought fame to Instagram is “Stories”, these are short videos which can be shot and directly uploaded from your mobile and would stay on your timeline only for 24 hours. After the 24 hours expires, they would automatically disappear from your feed never to be found again.

This deadline based feature creates a sense of urgency to take action and bring the most engagement from your followers on Instagram.

Use it to create interesting topics like “Unveiling of new products”, “Sharing your travel videos”, “Making a specific product/service” etc.

Starting next week, we will be posting blogs on a comprehensive step by step guide as to how to create an Instagram account,creating relevant posts & Instagram Marketing success stories of companies which have used the platform to “Build Awareness”, “Drive Sales”, “Increase Brand Loyalty”, “Engage with Customers & Potential Leads”.

Interested in understanding “How Digital Marketing can help market your Brand?”

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Happy Marketing,
Sirisha Inapurapu,
Co-Founder, Head – Marketing,

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