Golden Threads – Fashion Boutique Studio (Success story)

Golden Threads” – a brand of “Kavitha Gutta” is Hyderabad’s most prominent fashion design brand specialising in “Bridal wear”.

Golden Threads engaged “Branding by Pixels” for their needs of:

1. Visual Content – Fashion & Catalogue Shoot
2. Videography – A making video
3. Facebook Marketing &
4. Email Marketing

We also created a brand strategy for their “Facebook Marketing” and “Email Marketing” as Golden Threads constantly runs “Pop up shows” in the US in different regions.

As part of the agreement, Branding by Pixels also assisted them in creating designer posters to announce events and continuously create engagement by posting on social media.

Visual Content

Branding by Pixels was hired to shoot for “Fashion” & “Catalogues” of their “Bridal Wear”, including Sarees, Cholis and Designer Blouses.

golden threads boutuiquegolden threads fasiongolden threat dressessVideography

We also shot a “Video” covering the process of making a garment at Golden Threads, you can view it here: Video

Facebook Marketing

As part of the Facebook Marketing, since Branding by Pixels believes that original content creates more engagement rather than stock images, we used the photos that were shot by us to create posters to announce different events at Golden Threads.

golden thread facebook marketing facebook marketing for boutiquegolden threads shopgolden threads

We also used to constantly run ads on “Facebook” to promote the RSVP link targeted at US citizens in a specific location wherever the pop-up show was showcased next.

Email Marketing

As part of marketing for the pop shows, we also created a Mail Chimp account for “Golden Threads” and created an Email Marketing strategy to send emails with the original posters designed.

fashion designer hyderabad

Reminders for RSVP were also sent at continuous intervals like 15 days before the event, 1 week before the event, 5 days before the event, 3 days etc.

Email Marketing content was designed and managed by Branding by Pixels team.

boutique hyderabad

Golden Threads is currently working on their website with a partner of ours and it will be launched soon.

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