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Facebook Marketing Case Study – Raja Mobil – Car Sales Portal

You must be thinking this is all awesome but I have an automobile business, my customers will not buy my cars online so all this talk about Facebook Marketing is not right for my brand.

Well, then let’s look at which has Facebook Marketing successfully for their automobile business.

Why wait let’s get into it.

Rajamobil’s Story

Based in Jakarta, is an online marketplace in Indonesia that gives car buyers and sellers a platform to trade both old and new cars.

Rajamobil’s Goal for Facebook Marketing

Rajamobil cars

As covered in our blog regarding business objectives Facebook Business Page Objectives – Every business needs to map out their business goals to reach by using any kind of marketing.

Similarly, for Rajamobil they had 1 business goal which they wanted to reach using Facebook marketing:

1. To get more leads for car sales in a cost-efficient way by using dynamic ads and placement optimisation.

Now that the business goals are defined let’s look at the solution.

Solution – Running Dynamic Ads on Facebook wanted to use Facebook to acquire more leads in addition to those it already gets through its online marketplace. So it ran a dynamic ads campaign to generate more leads for its salespeople to then follow up with a sales call.

First, the automotive portal ran carousel and photo ads showing cars that are on sale in its marketplace. As shoppers clicked on these ads, they were redirected to the marketplace. There, it tracked its visitors using Facebook pixel to efficiently learn about their unique behaviors and interests.

Rajamobil fb ad

The shoppers were then retargeted with dynamic ads on Facebook featuring the cars from the marketplace that they were keen on. The dynamic ads were also used to target lookalike audiences similar to the people who showed interest in its cars.

Rajamobil online cars

To make the best use of its budget, used placement optimisation, which allowed Facebook to automatically allocate more budget to the most responsive placement—helping the brand to reach more people for more leads.


By using dynamic ads combined with placement optimisation, enjoyed a turbo-charged response from its campaign to drive leads. Between February 1–April 30, 2017, the campaign resulted in:

1. 2X return on ad spend

2. 2X increase in quality leads

3. 70% reduction in cost per conversion

Rajamobil company team

Rajamobil director quote

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Interesting is it not if you want to try out Facebook Marketing for your brand as well, reach out to us at or call me directly on 9515110449 and we will create the RIGHT strategy for your brand TODAY!

Have a great week ahead

Sirisha Varma,
Co-Founder, Head – Marketing

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