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Why to create a Facebook Business Page and How to create a Facebook Business Page?

After 3 weeks of going through Facebook Marketing blogs in which we covered:

  1. 1. Business Objectives & Case Studies
  2. 2. USP, Target Audience and Customer Journey

We are going to cover “What is a Facebook Page”, “Why a Facebook Page” and “How to Create a Facebook Page “in our blog this week.

What is a Facebook Page?

Facebook Page is a space reserved for your brand on the Facebook platform where you can update your brand information, post relevant content regarding your brand, engage with the audience already present on the Facebook platform and promote your brand to the audience present on the Facebook platform.

Why a Facebook Page?

Does it not make sense to be present on a platform that people are spending their time on so it’s easy to reach out to them and engage them rather than be on a platform wherein you have to invest a considerable amount of time to create an audience?

That is why a brand needs a Facebook page. It’s free and simple to create a Facebook page for your brand.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Now that the ground is set as to why a Facebook page is needed, let’s go ahead and look at how to create one.

  1. 1. Firstly, you need to have an active Facebook profile which we are assuming you already do. Log in to your Facebook profile.
  2. 2. On your Facebook Homepage where you find your newsfeed, go to the right-hand side and click on the downward arrow. It opens up as a drop-down list of lots of options like:

  1. 3. Choose “Create Page” option and click on it.
  2. 4. It opens up to this page which shows you different templates of Pages that you can choose from depending on the business you are in:

  1. 5. Local Business or Place – This template is suitable for Local businesses or places like Restaurants, Brick and Mortar stores etc.
  2. 6. Company, Organization or Institution – This template is suitable for an established company or an organization which is established and has lots of employees with different products/services.
  3. 7. Brand or Product – If you have a flagship product or you are a brand like a Fashion boutique then this template is suitable for you.
  4. 8. Artist, Band or Public Figure – If your business is artistic in nature like Photography or Music, this template is right for you.
  5. 9. Entertainment – Entertainment like tv shows etc. can use this template
  6. 10. Cause or Community – If the reason you want to create a Facebook page is to promote a cause or a community then this template is apt for you.

Facebook has created these templates for each domain as the needs for each domain are different and these are specifically customized for each domain.

  1. 11. Choose a template that fits your domain and then clicks on the domain and starts by entering your business name,

  1. 12. Once you choose a template and input your business name, Facebook will automatically create a page and you can then add your profile picture and cover photo.

  1. 13. About section should have a filled out profile with all your brand’s details like “Your story”, “Products/Services” that you offer, “Your contact information” etc. Filling these will provide necessary information to page visitors and creates authenticity to your brand page.

  1. 14. Make sure to add high-resolution pictures as your profile picture and cover picture as well as make sure that the photos displayed on your Facebook page for your products are of high quality.

  1. 15. If you have products that you can sell online then you can also incorporate “Shop” feature on your Facebook page which will display all your products on your page so your audience can engage with the products or buy them from there.

  1. 16. To include “Shop” feature, go to settings from your page, click on Edit page from the options to the left side and then click on “Add Tab” at the bottom of the options. Choose “Shop” and then add to the template.

  1. 17. Finally, don’t forget to “Publish” your page and change the settings to be “Public” so your Facebook page can go live and audiences on Facebook can search for your brand and find it. You can find it in Settings of the Page, then click on General to see the “Page Visibility” set to “Public” or “Unpublished” in case it’s not published. If it’s not published anybody on Facebook apart from you can find your page.

Check on “Page published” option and then click on “Save Changes” that should publish your Facebook page.

Now that we have created and published our brand’s Facebook Page, we will discuss the different post types and formats that you can use to communicate about your brand on Facebook in our next week’s dose of School of Marketing – Facebook Marketing.

Stay Tuned and have a great week ahead

Sirisha Varma,
Co-Founder, Head – Marketing

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