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Top 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing

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In today’s blog, we will cover the Top 5 Advantages of using Digital Marketing to build your brand not just in the online space but also in the offline world.

Let’s look at our life in 2018:

We wake up to the alarm on our smartphone. Once we are up we check for our mail on the same smartphone.

Some of us do work out or yoga listening to music on our smartphone or smart devices.

We then get ready to work & book a cab to travel using an app again on the smartphone or device. On the way to work, most of us also read the latest news on an e-newspaper again on our smartphone or device.

digital marketing 2018


On the way, we are constantly looking at our social media feed of Facebook or Instagram or catching up on email again using the smartphone.

Once in office, we sit down to a whats app video call or a Skype call for business through which we can connect with anybody across the world using the technology of the Internet or VOIP.

At Lunch, we order food from our favorite restaurant using a delivery app.

An evening we come back home & watch a series on Netflix or Prime Video on our smart tv.

In this routine do you see how many times you have accessed the internet or have connected to the digital world?

At every stage of this routine, you can be exposed to a company’s ad or a detail regarding a particular brand – that is the power of digital marketing.

In this connected 21st century world it is easy to get away from traditional media but you can NOT be exposed to digital media.

You can read more about the Advantages of Digital Media over Traditional Media in our blog.

Now that we have set the stage, let’s look at the Top 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing for your Brand:

1. You can NOT Ignore IT!

You are provided information, you are served data regarding a brand willingly or unwillingly whenever you access the internet.

You can NOT Ignore IT


This poster says it ALL

If You are reading an e-newspaper you have inlay ads being served to you of brands or products

If You are listening to music for Free on your smart device, ads are served to you

If You are booking a cab, your in-cab entertainment has content that is entertaining but also can endorse a brand

You open your emails, you have in-lay ads in your inbox of companies or products

If you can’t ignore it then think about others? Your ideal clientele can’t ignore it as well that just means that you can reach them using digital marketing.

2. You can Target Your Ideal Customer:

Half your customer problems are GONE if you know who your Ideal Customer is.

What do they like?

Where do they live?

What are their interests?

What age group are they?

What devices do they use to browse the internet?

What is their lifestyle?

These are some of the questions that you can ask regarding mapping your Ideal Customer Profile.

target customers


Once you have these mapped, using Digital Marketing you can target this profile.

Think of this

You are Hungry & if you are like me you just can not stand hunger you have to eat immediately but unfortunately, you are on the road going to meet a customer.

It is your regular lunch hour & your phone chimes. You pull it out of your pocket & voila there is this message from your regular food app regarding special offers at a restaurant which is just 5 minutes away.


Is it not the MOST appropriate ad for a client like you whose hungry. Rather than you search for restaurants in that area when you are hungry you are getting a notification regarding a near buy restaurant with a coupon code for a discount too.

That’s just PERFECT!

Using Digital Marketing you can target the most appropriate ads for the most appropriate prospects.

3. Compete with Bigger Brands:

We have all heard of the story of David & Goliath, the Giant & the Giant Slayer. You are an SMB & there are Market Leaders with deeper pockets with whom you need to compete for your Customer’s attention.

This is a true story all of us are facing this heat.

Compete with Bigger Brands


How can you compete with someone who has better resources, more money & more experience in the market than you?

You can NOW with Digital Marketing using techniques like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media presence & Email Marketing.

No matter how big the brand customers will always buy from the brands that they trust irrespective of whether they are BIG or SMALL.

You can create that trust by creating or curating relevant content that connects with your customers emotionally.

Did you know you can increase your Profitability by 50 – 100% by creating Emotional Connect with your customers?

This was never achievable previously but Digital Marketing has made it easier for Smaller Brands to reach more Audience using this medium.

4. Global Reach

Thanks to Economic Liberalisation in India by Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao in 1991 Indian companies have had an exposure to global markets

Lots of parameters to ease doing business have come into picture like:

1. Logistics
2. Suppliers contact across the world
3. Trust in Indian Expertise by customers across the world

global research


Given that now you can sell anywhere in the world, thanks to Amazon, Alibaba, FedEx, DTDC sky is the limit but how do you market in these worlds so people realize your brand???

That’s where Digital Marketing comes into the picture. You can showcase your product or service anywhere in the world using:

Google &
Social Media

Confused which Social Media Platform is RIGHT for your business – read more about it in our blog Social Media for Beginners

So make the most of this era.

5. ROI Measurement

In Business, any Investment is done with the ROI (return on investment) calculation at the back of the mind.

Similar is the case with Marketing but in Marketing all these years it was not easy to calculate the ROI given that you could not measure what marketing activity produced how much of returns.

roi measurment

Life Scenario

In Traditional Marketing method let us say you chose to do paper inserts of your product pamphlets. You only know how many newspapers you want the pamphlet to be inserted along with which areas you have targeted it for but you can NEVER measure the impact of this campaign.

You don’t know how many people have actually seen your Pamphlet

You don’t know if they have saved the Pamphlet for later

You don’t know if anybody called your sales team after seeing the Pamphlet

But in Digital Marketing world every rupee that you have invested can be tracked to:

1. Number of Impressions that it has generated
2. Number of People it has reached
3. Number of People who have taken action on it
4. Number of Sales a single campaign has generated

These are the Top 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing to a Brand.

Well, I hope this blog has given you some clarity regarding how Digital Marketing can help.

Have a great week ahead.

Reach out to us for a discussion on “Creating a Digital Strategy for Your Brand” by emailing us at

Happy Marketing,
Sirisha Varma,
Founder, Chief Strategist,

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