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There have been lots of conversations happening between champions of Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing regarding What are the “Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing”, given that this is also a question that many of our customers ask us it was only relevant to create a blog regarding the topic.

This Week’s blog concentrates on B2B companies & how digital marketing can help them achieve the below:

1. Create More Brand Awareness
2. To Generate More Leads
3. To Qualify the generated Leads
4. Build an Impactful Brand which communicates in a way that your target audiences understand.
5. Ultimately leading to more sales thus generating more revenues.

In our last blog, we understood more about B2B Business & 4 steps of The Sales Funnel which need to be in place before you choose any Media to be it Traditional or Digital.

B2B Marketing Challenges

The 3 B2B Marketing Challenges that more than 60% of the B2B companies face are:

1. Lead Generation
2. Reaching the Right Target Audience &
3. Creating an Impactful Brand

Digital Marketing offers helpful solutions to B2B Marketing challenges as it is scalable & has many advantages when compared to traditional media.

Traditional Media v/s Digital Marketing

digitial marketing evalution

Traditional Media like Newspaper, Print, Radio ads, Television ads are: 

1. One Way – The B2B company can communicate to the audience at large without being able to receive any feedback regarding the effectiveness of the communication.

2. Static – The communication cannot be tweaked as per the action was taken by the audience.

3. Incorrect Target Audience – Since the communication is targeted to everybody B2B company can not specifically target the right audience that is most probable to become their potential clients.

4. No Track of ROI – Since traditional media do not provide any stats regarding how many people have actually watched your ad on the Billboard, Television or Heard of it on the Radio, you can not calculate the Return on Investment regarding how many sales actually took place using traditional media

5. Costly – Everybody knows that placing an ad in a Newspaper costs a company anywhere from 12 Lakh rupees to start with and ads on Television are even costlier as a B2B company has to hire a media house to shoot the advertisement & then place it on the air during prime time which is generally charged per second.

Digital Media:

Digital Media Marketing



Digital Marketing, on the other hand, can help you with:

1. One to Many Communication – Using Digital Media you can reach as many people as you want to target using platforms like the Internet, your Website, Social Media etc.

2. Dynamic Communication – You can tweak your communication dynamically using the action taken by the visitor on your website or the action taken by the audience on your advertisement.

Example: You can send your visitors more information like a case study when they click a certain button on your website or You can send your visitor a coupon code if they left an email by clicking on your advertisement.

3. Right, Target Audience – As a company you know who is your potential target audience whose more likely to buy from you, you can select the Right Target Audience using digital marketing on platforms like Google, Social Media etc. Show your message only to people who matter & make more sales.

4. ROI on your fingertips – Digital Marketing is evolved to such a stage that you can actually calculate your ROI in between your ad campaign too. You will know exactly how many impressions, how many clicks & how many sales actually resulted from a specific amount that you invested in the ads. You can decrease or increase your ad spend as you want without interrupting the campaign.

5. Cost Effective – Digital Marketing is still evolving & the cost that it takes to place an ad on the digital media space like Google or Social Media & the number of people that you can reach with these ads is highly non-proportional. In the coming days though once more people turn to this media the costs would increase so make sure you use this opportunity to start using digital media to your advantage.

Digital Marketing works on a simple principle of:

branding by pixels

Very Simply put – This is the essence of Marketing which various media have tried over the years to master & has now been possible to achieve using this new technology called “Digital Marketing”.

Next week we will cover the topic of “B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for 2018”

So Stay Tuned & reach out to us at to get your Digital Strategy crafted TODAY.

Have a great week ahead.

Happy Marketing,
Sirisha Varma,
Founder, Head – Marketing,

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